March 18, 2024 — OWOX BI Transformation. Unveiling the latest updates in the Templates gallery

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Today, we're excited to share updates in our Transformation template gallery, which was initially introduced a year ago. As always, the ready-to-use Transformation templates are available to all OWOX BI users. Using them, you can significantly speed up the setup and refine your data preparation process, making it fully automated and visually represented in the Workspace diagram.

+8 new templates added

As other products on our platform (like Pipelines and Streaming) evolve, we refine and add new Transformation templates. Starting with just two templates a year ago, we have expanded our collection to ten. For instance, following the launch of the ' → Google BigQuery' fully-managed pipeline, we introduced the 'Blended AdSpend + GA4 Cost Import (With Currency Convert)' template. This lets you easily obtain a flat table with cost data in a unified currency from all your advertising sources.

Also, we'd like to highlight three templates specifically designed to facilitate detailed and insightful marketing reports:

Additionally, we've included another template in our gallery that incorporates five popular attribution models: Last Non-Direct Click, First Click, Linear, Position Based, and Time Decay. This is the 'Standard Attribution Models' template, which is as simple and easy to configure as any other template.

Rounding out our list of new templates are the equally interesting and essential 'Merge Events into Sessions (based on GA4 BigQuery Export),' 'Costs Attribution on Sessions,' and 'Merge Events into Sessions (App Data).'

+33 updates published

We accumulate our practical experience and implement it in our Transformation templates, ensuring every user receives the most reliable and high-quality data in their marketing reports. Each Transformation template has been updated and refined. Notably, the 'Merge Events into Sessions (based on OWOX BI Web Streaming)' template received a record number of updates last year—17 in total. Furthermore, as of March 2024, it has been upgraded to a major version 2.0. This update has enhanced our data processing workflow, improved GCLID parsing, introduced enhanced tagging prioritization, refined the core operation that merges events into sessions and added enhanced tracking insights. Detailed descriptions of each update to this template can be found on this page.

The world of data analytics is dynamic, and the OWOX analytics team keeps a finger on the pulse, always staying informed of all significant changes in data collection and processing. Consequently, OWOX BI customers receive timely and effortless updates in the Pipeline (one, two, three) and Streaming (one, two, three) products, and, accordingly, in the automated data-preparation process built on Transformation templates.

Plans for 2024

We plan to expand our Transformation template gallery, introducing new templates and enhancing existing ones. Stay tuned!

Thank you for choosing OWOX BI.


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