March 15, 2024 — OWOX BI Streaming. Integrating WBRAID and GBRAID parameters for enhanced iOS traffic measurement accuracy

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We're pleased to announce a significant enhancement to the OWOX BI GA4 event-based website streaming capabilities. This update introduces support for two new parameters, WBRAID and GBRAID, whose values will now be processed and recorded in the event_params field. Let's explore the impact of these parameters on your Google Ads campaigns.


With iOS 14+ updates, Apple imposed limitations on the GCLID parameter transmission. Conforming to the alterations in Apple's App Tracking Transparency (ATT) policy, Google has discontinued the transmission of GCLID parameters over iOS traffic from its apps. It is vital to recognize the repercussions of these changes:

  • A decline in the precision of reported website conversions.
  • A reduction in the accuracy of reported offline conversions.

In response, Google has launched WBRAID and GBRAID, new URL parameters, adhering to the legal requirements of Apple’s ATT framework. These innovations are designed to facilitate the attribution of conversions back to their respective ad campaigns, improving the measurement accuracy of iOS traffic. Specifically, WBRAID targets web-to-app interactions, while GBRAID focuses on app-to-app engagements.

Understanding WBRAID and GBRAID

These parameters extend beyond traditional tracking methods by adopting a privacy-centric approach. Instead of attributing conversions to individual users, they provide a collective analysis of conversions, fully respecting user privacy.

By employing advanced aggregation and de-identification strategies, these parameters ensure that individual user behavior across sites remains anonymous.

This method of privacy-focused modeling and measurement aligns with the stringent requirements of Apple’s ATT framework, offering a compliant and user-respecting tracking solution.

Implications for OWOX BI Streaming

Our latest update seamlessly integrates these novel URL parameters into OWOX BI Streaming, allowing for refined Google Ads campaign configurations and the precise tracking of advertisement interactions. These parameters, akin to the well-regarded GCLID, empower advertisers to meticulously monitor the comprehensive performance of their Google ad campaigns and to optimize accordingly for superior outcomes.

Should you have inquiries regarding the application of OWOX BI Streaming or need further assistance, please reach out to us at Our team is eager to support you.

Thank you for choosing OWOX BI!


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