August 8, 2023 — OWOX BI Pipeline. Introducing "post_ad_context" fields in LinkedIn → Google BigQuery pipeline


We're thrilled to unveil the latest update of our most popular LinkedIn → Google BigQuery pipelines. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions, we've introduced a significant enhancement that will revolutionize how you analyze and optimize your advertising strategies.

Introducing "post_ad_context" fields

In response to your valuable feedback and the evolving needs of the digital advertising landscape, we've added a set of new fields known as post_ad_context to the data schema of the LinkedIn → Google BigQuery pipeline.


Field name Data type Description
post_ad_context RECORD The advertising context represents the ads' specific metadata (which is related to ads or viral tracking, rendering, etc.), associated with the post.
post_ad_context.is_dsc BOOLEAN Whether or not this post is DSC. A posted DSC is created for the sole purpose of sponsorship. Read-only
post_ad_context.dsc_ad_type STRING The type of DSC (e.g. VIDEO, STANDARD, CAROUSEL, etc.). Read-only
post_ad_context.dsc_name STRING Plain text name of the DSC post. Only applicable for DSC. If isDSC is true and dscName is empty, it has an optional name
post_ad_context.dsc_status STRING The status of the advertising company content. Representing whether the content is usable from the advertiser's perspective as a DSC.


Starting today, these fields will be pulled directly from the LinkedIn API into your BigQuery tables. The new fields will be filled with NULL for previous dates for existing pipelines. However, the values will be updated within the actualization period, ensuring that your data remains up-to-date and accurate.

Unlocking creatives insights

The post_ad_context.dsc_name field is your gateway to accessing the name of the creative used in a specific post. You'll now have the ability to generate comprehensive reports that shed light on the performance of your advertising campaigns about individual creatives. This level of granularity will enable you to understand which creatives are resonating the most with your audience, helping you optimize your strategies for maximum impact.

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