Collecting and updating data about Google Ads campaigns with auto-tagging in session data tables

If you are using auto-tagging in your Google Ads campaigns, the page URLs contain only the gclid parameter, which stores campaign names, keywords, and other parameters.

In order to automatically retrieve these data from the gclid parameter and upload them to the session data tables “owoxbi_sessions”, you need to set up Google Ads report data collection to Google BigQuery, then connect the resulting dataset to your user behavior data collection pipeline.

Read how to set up report data collection and connect the data to your pipeline in this article.

As a result, the “owoxbi_sessions” tables get values for these fields:

  • trafficSource.source: google
  • trafficSource.medium: cpc
  • trafficSource.campaign
  • trafficSource.keyword
  • trafficSource.adGroup
  • trafficSource.keywordMatchType

The values google/cpc corresponds exactly to the Google Analytics processing flow.

How the Google Ads campaign data is updated in session data tables?

Once the campaign report data collection is set up and connected to your pipeline, the data about ad campaigns in the “owoxbi_sessions” is being updated daily for the previous day.

The updates happen twice a day: the first begins at 6:00 a. m., and the second at 6:00 p.m. One additional table update happens on the next day — in order to upload data that could appear in the source table after the second update was over.

Each update takes from one up to six hours. During this time, OWOX BI checks and updates ad campaign data in the “owoxbi_sessions” table several times. We need this to make sure that all the new data from the table with Google Ads reports made it through to your session data table.

Here’s how this works in detail:

  • The update begins at 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. according to the timezone of your Google Analytics view.
  • First, OWOX BI checks source tables with the Google Ads reports. The checks repeat every 30 minutes until a check shows that there is new data in the tables.
  • The maximum number of such checks is 16. This means that if the new data appeared in the tables after 2:00 p.m. or 2:00 a.m., it will be uploaded to the session data table only during the next update.
  • Once the check shows the new data, OWOX BI starts updating the session data tables for the next hour. This means 4 updates with the 15 minutes interval between them.
  • After each update within this hour, OWOX BI double checks if the number of rows in the “owoxbi_sessions” table is exactly the same as in the source table.
  • If a check shows that data matches and remains unchanged after two successive updates, the update ends.

Why my Google Ads campaign data in the “owoxbi_sessions” table doesn’t match data in Google Analytics or simply missing?

If your Google Ads campaign data collection is set up correctly, some discrepancies are still possible. Such situations occur when data in the source table has been updated after the last session data table update has ended.

In this case, data will not be lost. It will get to the “owoxbi_sessions” table during the next update.

NoteIf you use both auto-tagging and manual tagging in your Google Ads campaigns, read this article.

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