The definitions of device categories in the "owoxbi_sessions" tables

OWOX BI's Google Analytics → Google BigQuery user behavior data pipeline writes user device category info in the field device.deviceCategory of the "owoxbi_sessions" tables.

The field gets one of 17 possible values. All these values and what each of them means is described in the table below:

Field value  Meaning
Desktop A desktop PC or a laptop
Anonymized Any device with a user agent altered by anonymization software 
Unknown A case when a user agent that contains no information about the device
Mobile A non-specified mobile device (it can be an eReader, a tablet, a phone, or a smartwatch)
Tablet A mobile device with a screen larger than 7"
Phone A mobile device with a screen smaller than 7"
Watch A mobile device with a screen smaller than 2". It can be an additional screen for a phone/tablet type device.
Virtual Reality A device with VR capabilities
eReader A device with an eInk screen
Set-top box A device that can be connected to a TV-sized screen
TV Similar to Set-top box, but built into a TV
Game Console Gaming systems like PlayStation and Xbox
Handheld Game Console Portable game systems like the 3DS
Robot Robots that visit the site
Robot Mobile Robots that visit the site and seen as a Mobile visitor
Spy Fake robots
Hacker Defined as a Hacker if scripting is detected in the user agent string
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