Data collection limitations

User behavior data collection

OWOX BI algorithm does not have the data collection limitations as those Google Analytics has: no 10 million hits per month, 200,000 hits per user per day, or 500 hits per session limits. All your data will make it from the website to Google BigQuery tables.

OWOX BI collects to Google BigQuery the complete and accurate user behavior data directly from your website, doesn't depend on Google Analytics Core Reporting API, and calculates sessions based on raw non-sampled hit data.

Hit size

OWOX BI processes hits with the size up to 16 KB. The hits exceeding this limit won't be processed and sent to BigQuery.

In Google Analytics, the maximum hit payload size is 8 KB.

Sending data via Measurement Protocol

When sending data with Measurement Protocol and collecting it via OWOX BI, you can avoid creating a separate session for the events extended in time. To do this you can specify the &qt (queueTime) parameter in your HTTP-request. This is a time period in milliseconds between the moment the hit happened and the moment it was sent.

The maximum value of the &qt parameter is 30 days.

While OWOX BI can process hits with the &qt parameter's value more than 4 hours, Google Analytics can't. Note this, since such hits will be collected to Google BigQuery via OWOX BI but won't be tracked by Google Analytics.

The hits will get to a hit data table in BigQuery regardless of the &qt parameter's value.

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