Switching to a different plan that better suits your usage patterns

In this article, we will address common questions regarding changing plans in the context of a consumption-based pricing model before the end of the paid period.

About the consumption-based pricing model

According to our consumption-based pricing model, Credits are accrued to the balance of your OWOX BI project each month, and the amount depends on the selected plan. Active Pipelines, Streaming, Transformations, and Queries (in Google Sheets Extension) generate a specific number of Consumption Units, converted into Credits daily (read more about calculation logic with examples). At the end of the month, you can see how many Credits were used and deducted from the balance on the 'Credits consumption' page.

Scenario 1: Reducing Credits and switching to a cheaper plan

If, during your usage of OWOX BI, you are accumulating more Credits than you can utilize within the current billing period, you might consider switching to a cheaper plan. This adjustment can help optimize your costs based on your actual consumption. To initiate this change, follow these steps:

  1. Wait until the end of the current paid period before taking action.

    Note:You can leverage the purchased Credits across all OWOX BI products. For example, create Pipelines to import cost data into BigQuery. Then, use our ready-to-use Transformation template to organize all cost data in an automatically updated, unified, and user-friendly table, eliminating unnecessary fields.

  2. Send a request to the OWOX BI support team at bi@owox.com expressing your intention to switch to a cheaper plan.
  3. OWOX BI specialists will quickly help you make the necessary adjustments.

Scenario 2: Increasing Credits and adapting to your current usage

On the flip side, if your analytics requirements increase and you need more Credits than you initially bought, OWOX BI provides a simple solution. This is applicable for both monthly and annually paid subscriptions. Follow these steps to increase your Credits:

  1. Contact the OWOX BI support team at bi@owox.com without waiting for the end of the paid period.
  2. Specify your requirement for additional Credits.
  3. OWOX BI specialists will work with you to identify the most suitable plan that aligns with your evolving needs.
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