November 12, 2020 — OWOX BI Pipeline. New fields are added to the CostData_ table for Google Ads campaigns

From November 23, 2020, data import for the fields listed below is temporarily stopped. For details, read here.

From November 12, 2020, OWOX BI starts importing the exact details of your Google Ads campaigns. Information about your ad sources, groups, campaigns, and accounts will be recorded in the following fields of the CostData_ table:

  • adSource
  • campaignId
  • campaignName
  • adGroupId
  • adGroupName
  • adAccount

Important! If you tag your ad campaigns manually, make sure you enter “google” for the utm_source parameter. Otherwise, Google Ads data won’t be imported into the CostData_ table.

Read more about data schema for cost data tables ("CostData_")

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