Cost data schema (CostData_ tables)

Data is exported to a separate table each day. Tables are saved with name in the format 'CostData_YYYYMMDD'.

Table schema

Google BigQuery field name Google BigQuery data type Description / Google Analytics dimension or metric
source STRING Source
medium STRING Medium
campaign STRING Campaign
keyword STRING Keyword
adContent STRING Ad Content
date STRING Date
adCost FLOAT Cost
impressions INTEGER Impressions
adClicks INTEGER Clicks
adAccount STRING Contains info about the source ad account:
1) from the adGroup field when the non-Google costs are uploaded to Google Analytics via OWOX BI;
2) from the AdAccount field when the non-Google costs are uploaded to Google BigQuery via OWOX BI.
adSource STRING Name of ad platform
campaignId STRING The campaign ID
campaignName STRING The campaign name
campaignType STRING

The type of ad campaign the costs were spent on. Thanks to this field, OWOX BI can filter out mobile ad traffic while attributing session cost.
Possible values:
APP: mobile app ad costs
WEB: website traffic ad costs
null: couldn't identify the type of campaign

The campaign type is identified:

1) for Google Ads costs imported to Google Analytics with the BigQuery Data Transfer Service enabled;
2) for Facebook costs imported via the Facebook → Google BigQuery that connected with your Google Analytics Cost Data → Google BigQuery.

The APP-type cost data will not be attributed to sessions in the session data table.

adGroup STRING The ad group
adGroupId STRING The ad group ID
adGroupName STRING The ad group name
dataSource  STRING Internal technical information

NoteUnder scheme GA_ONLY, the adSource, campaignId, campaignName, adGroupId, adGroupName, and adAccount fields contain NULL for all the imported ad costs.
If you need these data, opt for scheme GA_NATIVE_PLUS_GBQ of the Google Analytics Cost Data → Google BigQuery pipeline. Read more

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