June 19, 2018 — OWOX BI Pipeline. Major updates to the Mandrill, AppsFlyer, SendGrid, UniOne, SparkPost pipelines

All the OWOX BI pipelines that use webhooks have got major updates. These pipelines are:

  • Mandrill→BigQuery
  • AppsFlyer→BigQuery
  • SendGrid→BigQuery
  • UniOne→BigQuery
  • SparkPost→BigQuery

What's new

Postponed blocking. When a pipeline is being blocked due to billing reasons, the data will still be collected by OWOX BI during next 24 hours after the blocking.

Pipeline pages with status info. Now, clicking on a pipeline in the pipeline list opens the pipeline's page displaying its current status and actions available:


Partitioned tables. As we have announced earlier, in the pipelines Mandrill→BigQuery, AppsFlyer→BigQuery и SparkPost→BigQuery are now gather data into partitioned tables instead of tables divided by days. In partitioned tables, data is being processed much faster and it's easier to update and delete it using queries.

If you still haven't got ready to move to partitioned tables, read about everything you need to do in this article. There, you'll also find more details on the benefits of using partitioned tables.

What's fixed

  • The pipelines blocked due to the missing service accesses are now being reactivated automatically once the accesses are regained
  • API key validation issues fixed
  • API key check: now it's impossible to create more than one pipeline using the same key
  • BigQuery access check: now it's impossible to set up different pipelines into the same dataset. This will help avoid data duplication
  • Updated AppsFlyer data schemas. Find them here

Finally, OWOX BI is now acting as a universal platform that is able to connect any webhook-based source within few days.

Are there any integrations you'd like to have in your OWOX BI? Go ahead and tell us in our Help Desk or vote for the integrations requested by other users!

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