April 27, 2018 — OWOX BI Smart Data. CRM data reports

We continue our approach to making it possible for you to assemble all your data from all possible sources in OWOX BI. Including your CRM data.

Recently, OWOX BI Attribution enabled you to value all the efforts your business does to get conversions and to upload CRM events into your attribution model. Now, in Smart Data, you can ask questions to data from any CRM system and build reports with CRM dimensions and metrics.

What you need to ask your CRM data

To begin, you need a table or a view from Google BigQuery containing your CRM data. Here described the data schema you need.

Go to the Smart Data dashboard in OWOX BI and open the CRM reports tab:


Click on any report. A dialog will appear and help you quickly add the data source you need:


After adding a source, you’ll be able to ask questions to all your CRM data and use new dimensions and metrics to build reports on all your data in OWOX BI Smart Data.

What questions can you ask

Here are the reports currently available in the CRM reports tab in Smart Data:

  • What was the orders completion rate by campaign?
  • How did gross profit change over by days and by channels groupings?
  • What was the number of customers in CRM and transactions count in CRM by city?
  • What was the ROAS by gross profit by source and medium?
  • What was the conversion rate and average delivery time by city?
  • What was the transactions count in CRM and number of customers in CRM by store?

This is only some questions you can ask. Uniting the dimensions and metrics from CRM with the data from Google Analytics and other sources, you'll get even more insightful reports in Smart Data.

Here’s the full list of dimensions and metrics for CRM reports.

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