April 13, 2018 — OWOX BI Attribution. Adding and attributing custom events

Use OWOX BI Attribution to value all the efforts your business does to get conversions.

Now, you can use custom events from CRM, call tracking systems, and any other online and offline sources to build a conversion funnel in your attribution model.

Why you need custom events

Google Analytics tracks site visitors’ actions. However, for many businesses, some events that advance a user through the conversion funnel happen outside the web.

For example, sales manager’s calls, webinar views, offline meetings, demo screenings.

Now, while adjusting your attribution model, you’re not limited to Google Analytics data. You can add events from any source, online or offline. The funnel-based attribution model will show you how these events contribute to conversion and revenue.


How to add custom events to OWOX BI

To attribute custom events, you need first upload their data to Google BigQuery. Then, create a new model using this data as a data source.

For details on the data format and how to add custom events to your attribution model, read our article “Custom events attribution”.

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