March 21, 2018 — OWOX BI Pipeline. Changing the cost data upload time to BigQuery

Starting March 26 2018, we are going to alter the cost data upload time in the following pipelines:

  • Google Analytics Cost Data → Google BigQuery
  • Google Analytics User Behaviour Data → Google BigQuery (calculated fields trafficSource.adCost and trafficSource.attributedAdCost)

As for now, cost data upload starts at 5 a.m. in the time zone of the Google Analytics view.

Starting Monday, March 26, cost data upload to BigQuery will be set to 10 a.m. in the time zone of the Google Analytics view.

Why the change?

In some ad services, the cost data uploaded to Google Analytics via OWOX BI pipelines becomes available only after 8 a.m. This delays the data upload to Google Analytics and, as a result, to BigQuery.

This also may cause situations when certain data appears in Google Analytics but is absent from BigQuery.

Here's why this happens:

  1. An ad service provides cost data after 8 a.m.;
  2. The data import to BigQuery starts at 5 a.m. and usually takes 1-2 hours;
  3. We update the cost data statistics for last 7-21 days for each ad service depending on a pricing plan;
  4. When updating the statistics, we remove the previously uploaded cost data file from Google Analytics.

The moments when the new data is uploaded and old files are deleted may overlap. As the result, the up-to-date data will appear in the BigQuery tables only after several days, when the next updates will happen.

Changing the upload time will make the cost data updates in Google Analytics and Google BigQuery more synchronized and precise.

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