The Schedule Already Exists: How Can I Change It?

This article provides concise guidance on modifying an existing report schedule in OWOX BI Extension when you encounter a message displaying the email address of the user who initially created the schedule, as shown below:


We offer several practical solutions to address this challenge and ensure you have the necessary flexibility.

Note:The proposed options stem from our commitment to privacy compliance. OWOX BI does not have access to any of your Google Sheets documents, including scheduling data.

Scenario 1: You Have Contact with a Colleague Who Has Configured the Schedule

If the schedule was set up by a colleague with whom you have contact, consider reaching out to them. Share the Google Sheets document link and request that they disable the schedule in the Extension panel. This allows you to either configure your schedule or leave the document without auto-runs to prevent unnecessary consumption of Report Runs Lite.

Scenario 2: You Have No Contact with a Colleague Who Configured the Schedule, or They No Longer Work in the Company

In cases where the schedule's author is unavailable, explore the following options based on the document's importance:

Option 1: The Report Is No Longer Important, and You Need to Stop Unnecessary Consumption of Report Runs Lite

If you have access to the Google Cloud Platform, navigate to the IAM & admin page. In the list of users, find the email of the schedule author displayed in the message (screenshot above). Click on the Edit icon next to this user's name. In the opened pop-up, remove the roles that allow running BigQuery jobs for this user (e.g., BigQuery> BigQuery Data Editor and BigQuery User). After this, the schedule will trigger the execution of the query, but in BigQuery, these jobs will not run due to the user's lack of permissions. Such unsuccessful runs are not counted on the OWOX BI Credits consumption page, and you will not be charged for them.

Option 2: You Can Deprecate the Existing Document and Transfer the Report to a New Document

Create a copy of this document, open the Extension panel, select the necessary Query to run, and configure a new schedule as needed. Most likely, in this case, the original document will no longer have any value to you, so you can stop updating the data in it by following the instructions in Option 1.

Option 3: This Google Sheets Document Is Still Important to Me, and the Other Options Do Not Work for Me

In OWOX BI, we strictly adhere to privacy rules, and even the OWOX Support team does not have access to any of your Google Sheets documents. Therefore, they cannot change the schedule in any document on behalf of users. In this case, consider exploring alternative solutions within your organization. Perhaps you will find a way to restore the account specified in the message (screenshot above) and then open the Google Sheets document within it.

If you have any questions about using the 'OWOX BI BigQuery Reports' Google Sheets extension, feel free to reach out to our support team at


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