November 29, 2023 — OWOX BI Streaming. GA4 Event-based streaming improvement

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Today, we're delighted to announce an improvement in our GA4 event-based streaming functionality. Our streaming now handles fields with FLOAT numeric types that may mistakenly include textual symbols in their values. One common scenario we've addressed is fields containing both price and currency symbols, such as "123 $" or "456 €."

What's changed

Previous behavior Current enhancement
Previously, if an event contained a FLOAT field with an invalid value, the event was recorded, but the value of that field was ignored. Now, with our latest improvement, every event is still preserved in the BigQuery table. If a FLOAT field contains textual symbols in its value, they are removed, and the field retains the correct numeric value.


Who's affected?

This enhancement is implemented across all OWOX BI access points, including sending data from the website and through the Measurement Protocol.


We are always dedicated to elevating the quality of our products, and we appreciate the valuable input from our clients that helps us evolve them.

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