July 25, 2023 — OWOX BI Streaming. Unlocking comprehensive Event-level source data for enhanced marketing analytics


Our new OWOX BI GA4 web streaming feature addresses a critical limitation faced with native data exports from Google Analytics 4 to BigQuery. While native exports do not include information about multiple sources at the event level, OWOX BI GA4 web streaming bridges this gap, providing you with comprehensive data on the sources from which your users originate.

As we collect raw user behavior data from websites, we encounter scenarios where a single event may contain information from multiple sources, revealing the origin of the user. For instance:

  • From request parameters: source1/medium1/camp1
  • From page location: source1/medium1/camp4
  • From document referrer: source2/medium2/keyword5

Ensuring accurate data for reports with session cost attribution necessitates the precise determination of values for the source and medium fields at the session level. This entails meticulous processing of data for each event comprising a session. As the priority of sources in the list may vary depending on business objectives, the processing logic for events with multiple source information must cater to the needs of all OWOX BI users. 

With OWOX BI Streaming, we ensure that you have access to the full spectrum of data on sources at the event level. This comprehensive approach allows for seamless processing and storage of events with multiple sources, giving you the power to analyze and understand user behavior like never before.

Visit our FAQ section for detailed information on how OWOX BI GA4 web streaming outperforms native Google Analytics export.

Thank you for choosing OWOX BI as your trusted marketing partner.

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