Validations and estimations

On the Transformation page, in the top toolbar, there are two indicators displayed for each Operation:

  • An approximate estimate of the Operation's run time.
  • Validation results of the SQL code.


These indicators are visible on both the 'Edit' and 'Preview' tabs.



When you enter an SQL query in the code editor, a code validation process is triggered with a slight delay. This validation checks the syntax, and if an error is found, it will appear in the same location:


If the error message is too long, simply click on it to view the full content.



How to pass query validation

Please note that the SQL query in the 'Edit' tab undergoes validation based on two criteria:

  • SQL query syntax.
  • Access to BigQuery tables from which data is being queried.

If there are any errors during the validation process, you will see them in the top toolbar above the code. Fixing syntax errors and typos in the code is relatively simple if you are familiar with SQL syntax. Let's specifically address the two most common errors related to data access.

Example of Error #1: The specified table in the query does not exist:


In this case, there might be a typo in the project, dataset, or table name. Please check the accuracy of these expressions. If everything is specified correctly, open the BigQuery interface and see if the table has been recently deleted by mistake.


Example #2: The OWOX BI service account does not have access to the specified BigQuery dataset.


In this case, you need to go to the 'Shared datasets' page and grant access to the dataset used in this transformation. Follow the instructions provided in this article to quickly perform the necessary actions.

When the code validation is successfully passed, you will see a green mark that says "Valid SQL code." You can proceed to the next step of this instruction.




Estimations of Operation runs

If the SQL query is successfully validated, the number of Operation runs that will be counted upon the successful execution of the Transformation is displayed next to the "Valid SQL code" mark. You can find the definition of Operation run and examples of its calculation in the Terms of Usage.


If it is not possible to provide a preliminary estimation of the Operation run due to the validation results, a gray disabled icon without a number will be displayed in that place.




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