Preview tab

On the Operation page, you can view the compiled SQL code that will be executed in BigQuery when the Transformation is run.


Features of the Preview tab

  • The code already contains values for all variables. Here you can view the fully prepared SQL code ready for execution.
  • Editing the code on this tab is not available. However, by using the "Copy to clipboard" button, you can easily copy the entire SQL code with a single click and use it as needed.
  • In the Destination table settings, you can see the actual path to the BigQuery table where your data will be saved as a result of the query execution. This is particularly useful if you are using variables in the Destination table settings.
    The path to the Destination table is a direct link to it in the Google Cloud Console interface.
  • In the Destination table settings, if a variable is not replaced with a value, you will see an error:
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