February 10, 2023 — OWOX BI Workspace. Manage your data flows with actual statuses and relations between Pipelines, Streaming, and Transformations

Most users have been actively using the data flow diagram in their OWOX BI project. The most engaged users shared super valuable insights with us, for which we are so grateful ❤️

And today, we are excited to bring you three improvements to the Workspace interface based on your feedback.


Redesigning diagram with new blocks

We’ve improved the appearance of blocks on the data flow and added new blocks (Pipelines, Streaming, and Transformations). These will allow you to see the Ads account name and other info, to track the data processing.


One easy click to go deep inside the details

Looking at the data flow, many users wanted to go straight to the Pipeline, Streaming, or Transformation settings page. And we’ve made this improvement. You can easily mouse over the block and click the “Open” button now. After clicking, you will go to the details.


Building your data flow just got easier

You can build your data flow and create new Pipelines, Streaming, and Transformations on the Workspace page. Click the “New…” button above the canvas, and select what you want to add.


We hope you will use the Workspace more often to get a complete overview of all OWOX BI products within your project. Read more about the Workspace interface.

And we remind you that the Workspace is available for free in open beta status for any OWOX BI project. If you'd like to share feedback about the Workspace interface, please email us at bi@owox.com.

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