July 29, 2022 — Data Catalog. Adding a PII data mark

We receive a lot of feedback from our clients about the storage and processing of PII data, so this topic is as essential for us as it is for businesses that use user data in their analytics.

Today we've released another product update that makes it easier for you to manage users’ personally identifiable information. Now a data analyst who creates a data model and connects Google BigQuery tables to it can explicitly specify the fields that contain PII data.

How it works

Any field in the data model has one of the following options:

  • badge.png Unencrypted information about the user that allows you to identify the person;
  • lock_person.png Hashed or encrypted user information.

On the Data catalog tab, any OWOX BI user in your project will see the list of objects and fields. And in this list, the related icon is displayed on the right side.


Examples of PII data

You can read articles from the US Department of Labor and GDPR official sources to understand the difference between ‘personal data’ and ‘personally identifiable information’.

NoteAll personal data can be PII, but not all PII may be personal data.

Users’ personal data categories you can see in this schema on iapp.org.

Users’ personal data categories

We can say that there is no one correct definition for PII data in various countries because they have different laws about PII data. Therefore, we feel our readers would benefit from being as informed as possible about regulations in your region.

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