July 29, 2022 — OWOX BI Pipeline. Migration to a new LinkedIn API and other improvements

We're excited to share with you two important updates for data pipelines from LinkedIn Ads:

  • migrating to a new version of the API;
  • handling UTM tags for 'adInMailContent' advertisements.

New LinkedIn API version


In June 2022, LinkedIn introduced a new version of Marketing API with multiple changes and improvements. We keep an eye on the advertising services API each change to maintain the OWOX BI Pipeline running smoothly. Therefore, our customers get filled up data daily.

After migrating to the new API version, LinkedIn Ads pipelines to Google Analytics and Google BigQuery continue to import data as usual. No additional actions are required on the users' side.

UTM tags in 'adInMailContent' ads


In this release, we have added handling of UTM tags in links inside 'adInMailContent' advertisements. Now you will get more data to analyze this kind of ad campaign in the reports.

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