May 4, 2022 — Introducing Data catalog

We're excited to announce a new 'Data catalog' tab on the Smart Data page. Now you can see a list of data model objects with detailed information about the data stored. The ‘Data catalog’ tab will help synchronize knowledge between the analytics team and business users.

While creating or editing a model, you can add all the necessary descriptions for each object and field. That is how each employee can get acquainted with the data model on the ‘Data catalog’ tab in the Smart Data interface.

The ‘Data catalog’ tab displays all the necessary information about the objects:

  • Object name
  • Object description
  • The link to the data table in the Google BigQuery interface
  • The date when the table was last updated
  • Number of rows in the table
  • Table data size
  • Name and email of the employee who is responsible for the data in the object
  • List of fields in a table
    • Field type (metric or dimension)
    • Field name
    • Field description

Now the ‘Data catalog’ tab is a single source of truth for your data model within your company or analytics team. Anybody from your company can browse the available objects, read the description for each field and then use this knowledge while creating reports.

That’s why we’ve added the same detailed info of objects and fields in the report builder. You can click on the ‘info’ icon, read the descriptions and follow the link to the data source in the Google BigQuery interface.

We hope you will enjoy the new 'Data catalog' tab and your reporting work will be more efficient and comfortable.

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