May 4, 2022 — Now you can view a list of data sources for each Data Mart

Each Data Mart contains the result of executing an SQL query and displays the data in a table. As usual, an SQL query combines data from different sources in Google BigQuery. Sometimes you may have questions about the data quality when viewing a report. To answer the questions, you have to open the interface of Google BigQuery and look for the raw data in the source.

Today's update greatly simplifies this scenario for our users. On the report page, we have added a new 'Sources' tab that displays a list of the tables used in the SQL query.

This list contains a summary of each source:

  • The object name and its description pop up when you hover the cursor over the name.
  • The link to the entity in Google BigQuery if you need to see the data schema.
  • Source type: table or view.
  • The number of lines in the source.
  • The size of the data.
  • The date when the data was last updated.

This is another example of the product improvement that we have implemented following the feedback from our users 🙌


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