April 20, 2022 — OWOX BI Pipeline offers more than 120 new by-request integrations

We continue working on the most relevant and innovative solutions in analytics for data-driven marketing to deliver high-level product value to our customers. Therefore, we have expanded the list of integrations with services from which we can import data in Google BigQuery data warehouse.

Go to OWOX BI Pipeline and click the ‘Create pipeline’ button. You will see a list of 120 services. Here you can search or filter services by category.

In OWOX BI, you can create three types of pipelines:

  • Fully-managed – the pipeline is ready to be set up within the OWOX BI user interface.
  • By-request – the pipeline is set up by an OWOX manager at your request.
  • Premium by-request – available for enterprise plans.

When you choose By-request or Premium by-request pipeline, then at the last step you need to send a request to our manager, who will contact you and set up the integration.

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