April 20, 2022 — Improving experience while adding new date filters in the Data Mart builder

We always appreciate users’ feedback about our product. We are especially pleased to implement the improvements that our users request. Today we have improved the use case for adding a new date range with the same period as the other dates in the Data Mart. Now you do not need to change anything else.

Let's look at a few examples where you have created a Data Mart and then want to add a new date range to it.

Use Case Before After
1. All dates in the report have the same period ‘Last week’. The new date was set to the default period of 'Last 30 days', while the other dates kept the value of 'Last week'. The new date will get the 'Last week' period like the other dates in this report.
2. The dates in the report have a different period. For example: sessions for the last month, transactions for the current month. The new date was set to a default period of 'Last 30 days'. The new date will get the same default period ‘Last 30 days’.



How to quickly change the period for all the dates in a report? We have added a special button with which you can now easily select the desired period and it will be applied immediately for all the dates.

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