April 20, 2022 — Introducing ontological model graph in Smart Data

Today we’re introducing a new feature in the Smart Data interface – a model graph which represents relationships between all objects within a model. You can use it to determine the order to combine data.

For better experience, we have added the model graph to several places of the Smart Data interface at once:

  1. Open the ‘Model graph’ tab on the Smart Data homepage. Here you can find a visualization that will be especially useful if you want to familiarize yourself with objects in the model.

  2. Click the ‘Show model graph’ button at the bottom of the sidebar when you build a new Data Mart or edit an existing one. Here you will see the same object diagram. So you do not need to leave this page.

  3. On the Data Mart page, go to the 'Entity relationship' tab to see the actual data join path in a report.

    Click the 'Edit' button to change it. Then you can rework the Data Mart configuration and see how the data path changes.

  4. In addition, you can find a complete graph of a data model at the bottom of the sidebar. Just click the ‘Show model graph’ button to open it in a pop-up window:

Use the model graph when you work with Data Marts in Smart Data. Feel free to reach out to your OWOX manager if you have any questions.

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