April 5, 2022 — Billing & Payments. Updates to OWOX BI payment profile settings

To comply with the tax regulations of the countries in which we operate, we must collect tax-related information from all customers using our service on a chargeable basis. In some cases, your tax status and country determine the taxes added to your charges and the types of documents that you receive.

For these reasons, we have added billing information fields to the OWOX BI payment profile.

If you use a credit/debit card as a payment method in OWOX BI, you should fill out your payment profile. Please log in to OWOX BI, navigate Project settings > Plans & Billing >  Payment profile, and provide the following information: 

  • billing country and address
  • tax status and IDs


We will store and process your data according to the OWOX Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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