April 23, 2021 — OWOX BI Pipeline. Change access feature is now available for the active ad cost data pipelines

From now on you can change an access token to your ad account in the selected pipelines to prevent them from being blocked due to invalid access. For example, it can be useful when you update the password to your ad account and want to keep your pipeline working.

The full list of pipelines that support the feature is shown below:

  • Facebook → Google Analytics
  • Twitter → Google Analytics
  • AdRoll → Google Analytics
  • Bing → Google Analytics
  • Yahoo Gemini→ Google Analytics
  • Twitter → Google BigQuery
  • AdRoll → Google BigQuery
  • Bing → Google BigQuery
  • Yahoo Gemini → Google BigQuery

Read detailed instructions on how to change the access for Ad service → Google Analytics pipelines and for Ad service → Google BigQuery pipelines.

Note, when re-authorizing service in the OWOX BI pipeline, you should grant access exactly to the account that is already associated with this pipeline.

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