March 31, 2021 — OWOX BI Pipeline. Migration to a new Criteo API

Criteo announced the launch of their new Criteo API and termination of the legacy APIs. Also, the related changes were made to a user authentication procedure.

In accordance with this announcement, OWOX BI has migrated from the Marketing API (MAPI) to the Criteo API. Both Criteo → Google BigQuery and Criteo → Google Analytics pipelines have been fully adapted to the Criteo API environment.

Due to the authentication point update and in order to guarantee a stable work of your existent Criteo pipelines, we strongly recommend you to reauthorize OWOX BI to access your Criteo data. To do it, navigate to your pipeline page, click the "Edit" icon next to the currently associated account (portfolio) name, then press Add. Note, you should grant access to the same account (portfolio) that is already used in this pipeline.  


According to the Criteo API specific, you should grant access to only one portfolio while creating a new pipeline from Criteo.
To integrate OWOX BI with several Criteo portfolios, follow these instructions.

Read more about data import from Criteo in the BI Pipeline documentation.

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