August 27, 2020 — OWOX BI Pipeline. 9 new pipelines to collect data from ad services to Google BigQuery

Starting today, you can set up 12 new pipelines that collect ad cost, clicks, impressions, and UTM tags data from the popular ad services directly to Google BigQuery.

The new pipelines are available as beta versions and let you collect data to Google BigQuery directly, faster, and not requiring Google Analytics.

Here’s the list of ad services from which you can now upload data to Google BigQuery:

What data do the new pipelines collect?

The new pipelines upload to Google BigQuery the same data as the Ad services → Google Analytics:

  • Ad costs
  • Ad clicks
  • Ad impressions
  • Source
  • Medium
  • Campaign
  • Keyword
  • Ad content

View the full schemas of the uploaded data in our Help Center.

How are these pipelines different from collecting data via the Google Analytics Cost Data → Google BigQuery pipeline?

If you upload data from these ad services to Google BigQuery using the Google Analytics Cost Data → Google BigQuery pipeline, then take note that the new pipelines do this much faster by uploading data directly to BigQuery, avoiding Google Analytics.

Thanks to this:

  • The data gets to Google BigQuery tables faster — by uploading data from ad services directly to Google BigQuery, you don’t need to wait extra 24 hours for data processing by Google Analytics.
  • The data is uploaded without Google Analytics limits of 90 MB per uploaded file and 50 uploads per date.
  • You can upload data from several ad accounts into a single BigQuery table — just select the same dataset when you create a pipeline to upload from another ad account.
  • The data from an ad account is collected into a single data table in Google BigQuery which simplifies querying and analyzing the data.

How does the currency conversion works?

The new pipelines upload ad cost data into two separate fields in your BigQuery data table.

One field contains costs in the original currency — just as they appear in the ad service. The other field contains costs converted into the currency you select when creating the pipeline.

The converted costs are useful for reports where you need to have cost data from different sources presented in a uniform currency.

Download historical cost data

The new pipelines allow you to upload historical data only for the last 6 months from the date the pipeline was created.

Which subscription plan do I need to set up the new pipelines?

The pipelines are available for Marketing Data, Reports & Attribution, and Enterprise subscription plans.

Note:The new pipelines are available as beta versions and are not considered in the subscription plan and are not billed.

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