July 14, 2020 — OWOX BI Smart Data. Duplicate reports or quickly create a new one while on the current report page

Now, you can not only quickly edit the current report but also duplicate it or create a new one in one click. Just select one of the options in the dropdown menu next to the Edit report button:Edit_report_menu_en.gif

What do these menu buttons do:

Edit current report opens the usual report editing menu, the same as the Edit report.

Duplicate current report opens a new report with the same set of metrics and dimensions as the original one. You can alter this report in any way you want — it won't affect the original report. The original report will be available in the Recent reports tab on the Smart Data main page and among the favorite reports if you have it added to favorites.

Create new report opens a blank report. From now on, you don't have to go back to the Smart Data main page every time you need to create a new report.

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