June 18, 2020 — OWOX BI Pipeline. Introducing new pipelines: Facebook → Google BigQuery, LinkedIn → Google BigQuery, and LinkedIn → Google Analytics

We continue to expand the list of advertising services from which you can automatically import cost data into Google Analytics and Google BigQuery.

Meet the new pipelines, available now in the open beta status:

  • Facebook → Google BigQuery
  • LinkedIn → Google BigQuery
  • LinkedIn → Google Analytics

Facebook → Google BigQuery and LinkedIn → Google BigQuery pipelines

Now you can collect ad cost data from Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn directly to your Google BigQuery storage.

Pipelines' features:

  • Upload any volume of data each day into any Google BigQuery project you have account access to
  • Build reports based on the data from 200 fields collected from Facebook and more than 90 fields from LinkedIn
  • Collect data from several advertising accounts into a single partitioned table to quickly build reports based on the multi-account data
  • Get historical cost data for any time period (via a request to OWOX BI support)

Create a Facebook → Google BigQuery pipeline

Create a LinkedIn → Google BigQuery pipeline

What data do the pipelines collect to Google BigQuery?

Facebook data schema

LinkedIn data schema

Which subscription plans include these pipelines?

Throughout the open beta period, both pipelines are available for free for all OWOX BI plans with a paid subscription.

What happens to the old BigQuery export feature for the Facebook → Google Analytics pipeline?

This feature is no longer available in the Facebook → Google Analytics pipelines.

If this feature is currently active in your pipeline, then it will remain active up until August 1, 2020. After this date, it will be deactivated permanently.

The Facebook → Google BigQuery pipeline is conceived as a more effective replacement for the old BigQuery export feature. Unlike the old export feature, the new pipeline uploads data into any BigQuery project you will provide access to, can upload Facebook multi-account data, and can easily handle any volume of data.

LinkedIn → Google Analytics pipeline

The LinkedIn → Google Analytics pipeline works the same as any other OWOX BI pipeline that uploads data from ad services to Google Analytics.

The pipeline automatically uploads daily data on costs, clicks, impressions, and major UTM tags into your Google Analytics property. The uploaded data is regularly updated for the previous 21 days.

The LinkedIn → Google Analytics data import is available for all the regular OWOX BI subscription plans, including the free plan Start.

Create a LinkedIn → Google Analytics pipeline

If you have encountered any issues in setting up the pipeline or with data collection, please let us know about these difficulties by writing at bi@owox.com. We’ll be happy to help you with setting up the pipeline and any feedback would help us make the new pipelines even better.

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