October 25, 2019 — Basic 0 subscription plan expires November 1, 2019

We'd like to remind you that on November 1, 2019, the Basic 0 subscription plan will be removed from all the OWOX BI projects subscribed to it.  

If you have any projects using the Basic 0 plan, please note that after October 31, 2019, or after the end of the current prepaid period (if it ends after November 1), you will need to subscribe to the new plan that fits the needs of your OWOX BI project.

How to select and enable a new subscription plan

The pricing of the new plans is based not only on the number of unique users a user behavior data pipeline processes per month but also on the number of ad cost data pipelines to Google Analytics a project includes. 

Considering this change, we recommend you choose the subscription that covers both the number of users to process and the number of cost data pipelines you need:

Plan Monthly price Unique users processing included new Cost Data pipelines to Google Analytics included
Basic 100K 115 USD 100,000 3 pipelines
Basic 400K 425 USD 400,000 12 pipelines
Basic 1M 950 USD 1 million  30 pipelines
Basic 2.5M  1,995 USD 2.5 million  65 pipelines
Basic 5M 3,450 USD 5 million  115 pipelines


If you plan on using ad cost data pipelines only and export data solely to Google Analytics, we offer you a special set of plans, Cost Data, which does not include unique users processing by user behavior data pipelines:

Plan Cost Data pipelines to Google Analytics included Monthly price Price per 1 extra pipeline above the included ones
Cost Data 3 3 pipelines 85 USD 50 USD
Cost Data 5 5 pipelines 130 USD 50 USD
Cost Data 8 8 pipelines 200 USD 40 USD
Cost Data 12 12 pipelines 280 USD  40 USD
Cost Data 20 20 pipelines 420 USD 35 USD
Cost Data 30 30 pipelines 560 USD 35 USD
Cost Data 50 50 pipelines 840 USD 30 USD
Cost Data 75 75 pipelines 1,140 USD 30 USD
Cost Data 100 100 pipelines 1,360 USD 25 USD
Cost Data 150 150 pipelines 1,820 USD 20 USD


Note that we still have the free Start subscription available which lets you create one free cost data pipeline.

If you need assistance in selecting the subscription best for your project, write to us at bi@owox.com or in the support chat. We'll help you figure this out.

We also remind you that the yearly plan subscription features special discount prices.

In case you didn't decide on the new subscription until November 1, 2019, your Basic 0 project will automatically be changed to Cost Data 3, and all active pipelines exceeding the subscription-included limit will be paused.

Read more info about the subscription plans on the OWOX BI pricing page.

Why did we remove the Basic 0 plan

To make sure our product is the best solution for marketing analysts, we constantly work on improving OWOX BI's functionalities and adding new integrations. Here are only some examples of what we added in last few years:

To be able to improve OWOX BI further, we had to make changes to our pricing and add cost data pipelines limit.

Hopefully, these updates will help you solve even more business objectives. And we'd be happy to hear your feedback.

If you have any questions or need help with selecting the right subscription plan, please write at bi@owox.com or to the OWOX BI support chat. 


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