October 24, 2019 — OWOX BI Smart Data. Manage data cache of your Smart Data reports

To save your Google BigQuery resources, Smart Data stores the data of each new report you build in the cache. This means that each time you reload the report page, OWOX BI doesn't need to go back to Google BigQuery and process the data again. As a result, the page reloads faster and you don't get additional charges from Google for unnecessary processing of data in BigQuery.

Previously, if you had to build reports based on data that updates continuously throughout the day (like, say, CRM data), you might have encountered the situations where the cached data wasn't updated in time, and the report data wasn't up to date with the data in BigQuery.

Today's update lets you control the report data cache right on the report page in Smart Data. Below the report, you can see the exact time the report data was last synchronized with the BigQuery data:Smart_Data_Cash_update_en.png

If you're certain that the BigQuery data was updated after the time shown on the report page, just click on Refresh now. Smart Data will update the cached data and you'll get the most relevant report possible.

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