October 7, 2019 — OWOX BI Pipeline. Change the Google BigQuery access for a user behavior data pipeline at any time

Now you can change the access to Google BigQuery for your Google Analytics → Google BigQuery user behavior data pipeline.

The current access is displayed in the header of the pipeline page — as the BigQuery access field below the name of the BigQuery project the pipeline uploads data to.

To change the access, click the edit button next to the BigQuery access field (make sure you have the Administration rights in the OWOX BI project):BigQuery_access_1_ru.png Then, select or add the new access:BigQuery_acces_2_ru.png


  1. You can use only the Google accounts that have the BigQuery Admin role in the Google Cloud Platform that contains the dataset and the table to which the pipeline collects data.
  2. The new access will be applied to the whole pipeline and for all the users working with it.
    However, this won't affect the users — they will still be able to work with the pipeline as before.

When and when you might need to change the BigQuery access

There are two possible cases:

  1. You need to give control over the pipeline to another Google account since the current account will become inactive or will lose access to the pipeline data in Google BigQuery.
    For example, the employee who had created this pipeline using their work Google account isn't working with you anymore. In this case, you need only to provide access from under another account which also has the BigQuery Admin role within the same GCP project.
  2. You need to change the data source with the reports about Google Ads auto-tagged campaigns. Only the user whose BigQuery access is used in the pipeline can change this data source in the dedicated settings section: ______________2019-10-07___17.16.06.png
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