September 19, 2019 — OWOX BI Pipeline. The new ‘device.isBot’ field for filtering out bot-generated traffic

With the latest OWOX BI update, the session data tables ‘owoxbi_sessions_‘ contain the new field, device.isBot. The field can be found between the fields device.userAgent and device.language.

Thanks to the device.isBot field, you can filter out the bot-generated sessions in the table. Such sessions clutter the statistics of direct sessions by real users and affect your traffic measurement as a whole.

The field gets the ‘true’ value if OWOX BI defines the session’s device category (the deviceCategory field) as ‘robot’ or ‘mobile robot’.

The device categories ‘robot’ and ‘mobile robot’ are defined based on the userAgent data as listed by the links below:

  2. Crawler user agents
  3. Bad Bots

If the device category isn’t defined as ‘robot’ or ‘mobile robot’, the field will get the ‘false’ value.

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