August 26, 2019 — OWOX BI Pipeline. Measure the efficiency of your landing pages with the new field, ‘landingPage’

Starting August 21, 2019, the session data tables (owoxbi_sessions_) collected by the Google Analytics → Google BigQuery pipeline contain a new field, landingPage.

This field contains the URL path to the first page a user interacts within a session.

The landingPage field helps you to conveniently evaluate the efficiency of your target pages in relation to keywords and key phrases you use to get branded traffic.

What’s the difference between the ‘landingPage’ and the ‘pagePath’ fields

The pagePath field records data about the landing page’s URL path in its full. It includes all additional parameters and utm tags. This means that sessions having different traffic sources have a unique value in the pagePath field, even though they started with the same page.

The landingPage field records a URL path without any additional parameters. Thanks to that, you can utilize the landingPage field to group sessions with different traffic sources by the shared first page in the session. Thanks to this, you can find out which URLs bring more conversions and which ones rarely lead to conversions while getting a lot of traffic.

Moreover, this new field helps you track page visits by device types and learn which landing pages need better optimization for mobile.

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