February 25, 2019 — OWOX BI Smart Data. Get your reports faster using the report builder

We constantly process your feedback on working with Smart Data reports and seek the solutions to help you build your reports faster and in the most intuitive way.

As a step towards this goal, we present you an easy-to-use builder that lets you quickly outline the parameters of the report you want to get.

The report builder is available in parallel with the classic Smart Data query input, so you can choose the method you prefer best.

How to use the report builder

  1. Go to Smart Data and click on the Report builder tab above the query input field: Report_builder_tab.png
  2. Select the source of the data you want to build a report upon, Smart Data or Attribution data:Group_15.png
    Smart Data: data in Google BigQuery tables you have connected or can connect to OWOX BI Smart Data:
         - user behavior data from a website collected via OWOX BI Pipeline
         - call tracking data integrated with OWOX BI Pipeline
         - transactions data from your CRM system
    Attribution model data: data in Google BigQuery tables, that contain the OWOX BI Attribution model calculation results. Using Attribution data as a source you can build:
         - reports on the efficiency of your advertising campaigns
         - reports on user conversion paths
  3. After selecting the data source, choose metrics and dimensions you want to build a report upon.
    You can choose more than one value in each column. You can also quickly find the exact metric and dimension by filtering it by name:Group_16.png
  4. In the Available reports section, you’ll see the reports you can build with the parameters chosen. Select a report that fits your need, then specify the Date Range within which the report will be built:Screen_Shot_2019-02-22_at_6.12.png
    For some reports, you’ll need to additionally specify the report Slice (by days, weeks, or months) and the Attribution model for attribution reports.
  5. When all report parameters are set up, click Get report. The Clear all button resets all settings.
  6. The resulted report can be altered by changing the settings in the builder after clicking Edit:Group_14.png

We hope the Smart Data report builder will help you get more value from the reports in OWOX BI.

What do you think about the new report builder? Tell us. We’re looking forward to your feedback :)

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