February 21, 2019 — OWOX BI Pipeline. Update your Criteo API user access before February 28 to keep your Criteo→Google Analytics pipeline working

Starting February 28, 2019, Criteo will cease supporting their old API and fully move to the new REST API. After that, all API user accesses for the previous API version will be deprecated.

For your Criteo→Google Analytics pipeline to continue exporting data after February 28, you need to generate the new API user access in Criteo, and then provide it to OWOX BI.

Important: If you will not provide OWOX BI with the new API user access until February 28, your pipeline will not be able to export Criteo cost data starting February 28 and up until you provide the new access.

How to get a new API user access in Criteo and provide it to OWOX BI

  1. Sign in to your account on https://marketing.criteo.com.
  2. Click Management Center and select Account Settings:Criteo_en_1.png
  3. In the API Users — REST API (New) section, click Create API UserCriteo_en_2.png
  4. Enter a сontact email. Important: it must not match your Criteo account email.
  5. In the Select a role field, select View Only. Click Add UserCriteo_en_3.png
  6. Client ID and Client Secret will appear on the screen. These are your API user access you need to provide to OWOX BI.
    Very important: Make sure you have saved the Client Secret code somewhere. It's displayed only once — on this screen. After clicking Close, you won't be able to display it in any way. Criteo_en_4.png
  7. Check the box I confirm having stored my credentials and click Close.
  8. In OWOX BI, go to your Criteo→Google Analytics pipeline page, click Provide access. In the pop-up window, enter your Client ID and Client SecretCriteo_en_5.png

Done. Now your pipeline uses the new version of Criteo API. The shutdown of the old API version will not affect the export of your data from Criteo to Google Analytics in any way.

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