October 30, 2018 — OWOX BI Pipeline. Changes in session data collection settings

In the recent update about the changes in session data collection, we’ve announced that in the near future OWOX BI will stop supporting session data collection based on Google Analytics API logic and will collect unsampled session data with the new OWOX BI algorithm.

The current update started working October 26 and brings changes to the Google Analytics → Google BigQuery settings interface as a part of the global session data collection update.

What’s changed in the interface

For current users

If you have Based on Google Analytics session data collection method currently enabled, then switching to the Based on hit data method (which is OWOX BI algorithm) will change the interface of the pipeline page and session data collection settings.

Instead of two options, the Settings tab will contain the Session data collection enabled/disabled switcher, and you won’t be able to turn on the old algorithm in the interface. The Google Ads reports and referral exclusion list settings will become more accessible. Also, Session ID is no longer a required parameter:


If you have the Based on hit data method already enabled, then your pipeline page interface has already been updated.

The pipeline page will still feature two tabs with hit data stats: GA and OWOX BI, so you’ll be still able to check the Google Analytics data discrepancies.

Read how the changes in the settings affect the data collection later in this article.

For new users

After having created a pipeline, all the new users will see the updated Settings tab without the Based on Google Analytics session data collection option.

Session data collection will turn on automatically, and users don't need anymore to create custom dimension in Google Analytics for collecting Session ID and specify it in the session collection settings in OWOX BI.

What’s changed in the session data collection

For current users

Previously, we’ve notified you that starting November 1, OWOX BI will cease to collect data to the “session_streaming_” tables for those users who have the session data collection based on hit data enabled. Now we postpone turning off the collection of these tables so you could have enough time to get ready for the new session data table format.

Thus, If you have session data collection Based on hit data already turned on, then OWOX BI will keep collecting two types of session tables simultaneously: “owoxbi_sessions_” based on hit data and “session_streaming_” based on the Google Analytics data.

In the case, if you had session data collection Based on Google Analytics enabled, and now you switch to Based on hit data, then OWOX BI will collect the “owoxbi_sessions_” tables only. If you want to collect both types of tables to compare the algorithms, write us at bi@owox.com, and we’ll turn on the “session_streaming_” tables collection for you.

Consider that the “session_streaming_” tables collection will be available only up until OWOX BI switches to based on hit data session collection algorithm completely.

NoteCurrently, the “owoxbi_sessions_” table structure is identical to the one of the “session_streaming_” tables. This means that for adapting your queries to the new tables you need to simply replace the table names in the queries: “session_streaming_” to “owoxbi_sessions_”.

For new users

For all the new users, after creating a Google Analytics → Google BigQuery, OWOX BI will be collecting the session data based on the new algorithm only. The session_streaming_ tables will not be collected.

Read about the features and benefits of the OWOX BI session data collection algorithm in this article.

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