October 25, 2018 — OWOX BI Pipeline. SalesForce→Google BigQuery pipeline launched in alpha

Starting today, you can create in OWOX BI a data pipeline from the SalesForce CRM to Google BigQuery OWOX BI. The pipeline is currently working in the alpha version status.

Setting up a pipeline in OWOX BI lets you to:

  • Bring together your SalesForce data with the data from other sources like Google Analytics in a single storage, Google BigQuery
  • Create cross-source reports that will update automatically and provide you with the up-to-date results on a daily basis
  • Save the time of your analysts and paid traffic specialists by quickly uniting data and building reports based on it

Who can set up this pipeline

As for now, to create this pipeline, you need a SalesForce account with the API access. These are accounts with the pricing plans Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition, or Professional/Group Edition and Essentials Edition with the additionally enabled API.

If you are using Professional/Group Edition or Essentials Edition, you can enable the API access for an additional $25/month for each license. To do it, contact your SalesForce account manager.

We are going to add the support of all SalesForce accounts without the API access in the upcoming pipeline updates.

What can the alpha version of the SalesForce→BigQuery pipeline do

Right now you can:

  • Upload historical data from any table to SalesForce Sales Cloud.
  • Get daily updates on new info and activities from SalesForce in Google BigQuery.
  • Use the gathered data to create custom BigQuery tables and bring them together with user behavior data on your website.

As soon as the pipeline leaves the alpha status, you’ll be able to unite the data automatically right in the OWOX BI interface. As for now, you can create custom tables with the SalesForce data and use them as a data source in OWOX BI. You can create custom tables by yourself following this structure or you can ask us to do that by writing at bi@owox.com.

How to set up the pipeline

  1. Click Create pipeline on the OWOX BI main page: Create_pipeline_eng_.png
  2. Select SalesForce as the data source: SalesForce_Create_Pipeline.png
  3. Provide OWOX BI with the access to your SalesForce account: Salesforce_step_2_en.png
  4. Provide access to your Google BigQuery account and select the project and the dataset you want to store your SalesForce Data in: Salesforce_step_4_en.png

5. Click Create.

Done. The pipeline is created. On the pipeline page, you can delete, pause or reactivate the pipeline if it was blocked.

The current version of the pipeline can upload all non-empty standard and custom objects (tables) from SalesForce. In the upcoming versions, you’ll be able to choose which tables you want to upload. As for now, write us at bi@owox.com, and we’ll gladly customize the data upload in your pipeline.

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