October 4, 2018 — OWOX BI Pipeline. New algorithm of session calculation for data sent via Measurement Protocol

When sending data via Measurement Protocol, there can be cases when the transaction happens after the user session time on the website is expired. For example, online payment processing by a bank can take up to several days.

In Google Analytics, the maximum possible value of the &qt parameter sent via Measurement Protocol is 4 hours. If the value is greater than 4 hours, the hit will disappear and won't get to any session. If the &qt parameter is sent with the empty value, a new separate session will automatically be created for this hit. Either way, this will affect the data accuracy in Google Analytics.

We have solved this problem with our OWOX BI session data collection algorithm. With it, the limit is now 30 days, and the hits will always be assigned to the right sessions.

How it works

Hits sent via Measurement Protocol with the value of the &qt parameter up to 30 days will retrospectively get to the session data table (bi_sessions) for the corresponding date and will be assigned to the correct session.

The hits will get to a hit data table (streaming) not depending on the &qt parameter.

Note Sending the &qt parameter with the value of more than 4 hours will cause the hit to not get to Google Analytics. This will lead to data discrepancy: OWOX BI will get more data than Google Analytics.
Set the &qt parameter's value to more than 4 hours only if you need the events sent via Measurement Protocol to get to the sessions during which they've happened.

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