September 6, 2018 — OWOX BI Pipeline. All the "streaming" tables fields are now present in the "owoxbi_sessions" tables

Recently, we've announced that the fields from the from the "streaming" hit data tables are appearing in the "owoxbi_sessions" tables as well.

Now, starting September 5, 2018, all the fields from the "streaming" tables are present in the "owoxbi_sessions" tables as well.

We have also updated the data schema for all historical "owoxbi_sessions" data tables accordingly to the newest set of fields. By doing so, we've made sure you won't face any missing fields errors while making queries to all tables in the dataset.

Field added to the "owoxbi_sessions" tables Original field in the "streaming" tables Data type
trafficSource.gclid traffic.gclid STRING
trafficSource.dclid traffic.dclid STRING
hits.isSecure isSecure BOOLEAN
hits.referralPath traffic.referralPath STRING
hits.device.userAgent device.userAgent STRING
hits.device.flashVersion  device.flashVersion STRING
hits.device.javaEnabled device.javaEnabled BOOLEAN
hits.device.language device.language STRING
hits.device.screenColors device.screenColors STRING
hits.device.screenResolution device.screenResolution STRING
hits.geo geo RECORD STRING
hits.product.position product.position INTEGER
hits.product.customDimensions product.customDimensions RECORD
hits.product.customDimensions.index product.customDimensions.index INTEGER
hits.product.customDimensions.value product.customDimensions.value STRING
hits.product.customMetrics product.customMetrics RECORD
hits.product.customMetrics.index product.customMetrics.index INTEGER
hits.product.customMetrics.value product.customMetrics.value STRING
hits.exceptionInfo exceptionInfo RECORD
hits.exceptionInfo.description exceptionInfo.description STRING
hits.exceptionInfo.isFatal exceptionInfo.isFatal BOOLEAN

See the updated data schema here.

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