July 12, 2018 — OWOX BI Pipeline. The Last Non-Direct Click model for session data collection based on the new OWOX BI algorithm

Starting today, OWOX BI attributes sessions to traffic sources applying the Last Non-Direct Click attribution model, the same as Google Analytics.

You don't need any tweaking on your side. The Last Non-Direct Click model data will be collected into the same owoxbi_sessions tables. The first tables collected applying the new model will appear on July 13 with the data for the previous day, July 12. The update won't affect historical data in any way.

How this works

Until this update, the session data collection based on the OWOX BI algorithm was using the Last Click model to attribute the site visit source. If the source of the session was Direct (a user typed the website URL into the browser or came to the site via a bookmark), all previous visits were ignored, so you couldn’t get data if there was an ad medium that preceded the direct session.

The Last Non-Direct model ignores all direct traffic and attributes sessions to the last non-direct traffic mediums: referral, cpc, organic and others. Thanks to this, you can find out how actually your paid ad sources contribute to conversions.

To track the actual traffic source, we have added values for the trafficSource.isTrueDirect field in your sessions tables. It indicates if the source of the session started as a direct site visit, or is it follows the session generated by an ad source.

Here’s an example how the Last Click and Last Non-Direct Click models differ in OWOX BI:

Event Last Click traffic source/medium (then) Last Non-Direct Click traffic source/medium (now)
November 15. A user lands on your website by clicking a paid Google ad google/cpc google/cpc
November 16. The user comes to your website by entering the website’s URL in the address bar (direct visit) direct/(none) google/cpc
November 17. The user comes to the website for the third time by clicking on a Facebook ad facebook/cpm facebook/cpm
November 18. The user comes to the website page via a bookmark (direct visit) direct/(none) facebook/cpm


How does the new model affect the data table collection time

If you are setting up session data collection based on OWOX BI algorithm for the first time, consider these Last Non-Direct Click model nuances:

  • OWOX BI will collect traffic sources history based on your hit data for each day for the preceding 6 months. If you had set up hit data collection less than 6 months ago, the traffic sources history will be collected only for the time the hit data collection was active.
    First session data tables will appear only after the traffic sources history collection will be completed. For example, for a project with 200 000 sessions per day, history collection will take up to two days.
  • If hit data for some of the days have more than 10% discrepancies (this can happen during for the first days of tracking setup when all types of events were collected), then for these days, OWOX BI will use the  trafficSource.* field values from Google Analytics Core API in order to minimize discrepancies with the Google Analytics data.


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