March 14, 2018 — Changes to the structure of OWOX BI projects and the access management system

Up until now, access to any OWOX BI project was given to the users who have access to the linked Google Analytics property or Google Cloud Platform project. In addition, each Google Analytics property and Google Cloud Platform project could only be linked to one OWOX BI project.

Since our clients had many questions and concerns about this approach, we decided to streamline access management in OWOX BI projects and make the system more convenient for you. The changes are being implemented in two stages.

Step 1. Introducing different levels of access to OWOX BI projects

This stage has already been implemented. Now, there are 3 levels of access to OWOX BI projects:

  1. Administration — has full access to all the options and settings in the project.
  2. Editing — can create, modify, move, delete data pipelines and models. Cannot make changes to the billing and the list of users who have access to the project.
  3. View and analysis — can view pipelines and models. Can work with Smart Data. Cannot make any changes.

Project administrators maintain the same access rights as before. We've sent out emails to project administrators asking them to specify the appropriate access permissions for each project user. This can be done on the project's settings page that has a list of all project users that don't have administrator privileges.

Please note: It's very important that project administrators grant access permissions to other users. Currently, OWOX BI users can access their projects by the old rules. However, after the second stage is implemented, clients not having access permissions assigned by project administrators, won't be able to work with their projects.

If you're a project administrator, please specify the level of access for users in the project you're administrating. Otherwise, go to the Project settings page.


Next, open the Access rights tab.


In the Access rights tab, specify the appropriate access permissions for each project user.

If you're a user, please let your project's administrator know about the changes, in order not to lose the access to the project.

Stage 2. Implementing the changes

This stage is still in progress. After administrators specify the access permissions for all other project users, we'll move to the new access management system completely.

This means:

  • Access permissions to OWOX BI projects won't depend on the access permissions in Google Analytics or Google Cloud Platform
  • It will be possible to link one Google Analytics property or Google Cloud Platform project to any number of OWOX BI projects
  • Users not granted access permission won't be able to work with the project

We'll notify you about the exact date by which we will have implemented the updates, in a separate email.

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