January 18, 2018 — OWOX BI Smart Data. Introducing the thesaurus

With this new update, we enabled our BI Smart Data to understand synonyms, i.e., different names representing the same dimension or metric. This means that now you can ask questions of your data using the phrasing most normal for you.

For example, you can now use not only the “average cost of transaction” but also the “cost per order” or “CPO”, or other versions of this, when evaluating the performance of your advertising. Another example is, you can use not only the “average revenue per customer” but also “ARPPU” and “average revenue per paying user”, to measure the revenue you're getting from paying customers.

If you want a certain synonym to appear in BI Smart Data, please let us know at bi@owox.com, and we'll add it to our growing thesaurus.


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