July 9, 2024 — Add-on Google Sheets → Google Analytics Universal is Deprecated and Unavailable in the Google Workspace Marketplace

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This month, Google completed the migration from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4. As a result, Google Universal Analytics has been turned off. We prepared for this change and informed you last year that we would stop supporting our Pipelines to GAU and the Google Sheets → Google Analytics Universal add-on.

Starting July 9, 2024, our Google Sheets → Google Analytics Universal add-on has been removed from the Google Workspace Marketplace. This means it is no longer available for use in Google Sheets.

New OWOX BI Solutions for Google Analytics 4

We have created new automated solutions to help you continue working effectively with Google Analytics 4.

Now you can set up our new pipeline from Google BigQuery to Google Analytics 4 (via SFTP)

And start to import non-Google costs from Ad platforms such as Meta Ads, Microsoft Ads, LinkedIn Ads, or X Ads into Google Analytics 4.

Create 'Google BigQuery → Google Analytics 4' pipeline

For more information, please get in touch with your support manager or read our free solution on importing non-Google costs into Google Analytics 4.

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