April 26, 2024 — Introducing SQL Copilot for BigQuery

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Today, we are thrilled to introduce our first AI-powered solution on the ChatGPT marketplace – SQL Copilot for BigQuery. This plugin is designed to accelerate the workflow for both marketers and data analysts who work with data stored in BigQuery and need to write SQL code from scratch or edit existing code. Discover all the benefits of this exciting new solution and say goodbye to manual coding.

Core features

🤖 Streamlined integration with BigQuery

SQL Copilot offers direct integration with BigQuery, allowing you to seamlessly share your tables' schema with GPT via BigQuery OAuth. This means you can effortlessly access your data and leverage the power of AI to generate SQL queries tailored to your projects.

👀 Visualized table relations

One of the key benefits of SQL Copilot is its automatic visualization of the relations between BigQuery tables. This feature helps ensure that GPT understands the context of your data correctly, enabling more accurate and relevant query generation.

💫 The unique chatting scenario with SQL Copilot for BigQuery

With over 10 years of expertise in BigQuery, OWOX BI provides SQL Copilot with a unique step-by-step chatting scenario focused on enhancing use cases related to BigQuery. This ensures that SQL Copilot comprehends the nuances of your data and generates queries that precisely meet your requirements.

🔬 Automatic error detection and correction

Forget about manually debugging your SQL code. SQL Copilot automatically validates the correctness of your code and detects errors with the help of AI. It then provides suggestions to fix these errors, saving you time and frustration.

🎯 Seamless workflow management

Thanks to its direct integration with BigQuery, SQL Copilot allows you to manage the entire workflow within a single interface. From initiating the query generation process to receiving the final SQL code, everything can be done without the need to constantly switch tabs or applications.

🏄 Efficient context retention

SQL Copilot retains context within chat conversations, allowing you to set it up once and conveniently generate code relevant to the same tables in minutes. This feature enhances productivity and ensures consistency across your projects.

🔐 Data safety

As always, your data's safety is our top priority. OWOX BI is an established company with enterprise-grade security measures in place. Rest assured that your data is safe and secure when using SQL Copilot for BigQuery.


Advantages SQL Copilot from OWOX BI over Gemini AI (Bigquery copilot)

Criteria Gemini AI ChatGPT 3.5 (Free version) OWOX BI SQL Copilot for BigQuery (GPT 4)
Pricing options 🟡 GeminiAI subscription has a 12-month commitment 🟢 Free 🟡 The ChatGPT subscription can be paid monthly. With a ChatGPT subscription, you get access to a whole GPTs library.
Getting started requirements 🟡 To use the GeminiAI you need a separate set of permissions which may require you to jump over the bureaucratic hoops to access it. 🟢 Available for all 🟢 Available for all paid GPT subscribers in the GPTs marketplace.
Easy access within the interface 🟡 You need to use the BigQuery interface to have access to GeminiAI features. 🟢 Can be opened at any browser tab. 🟢 Can be opened at any browser tab and even as a Chrome extension, which provides easier split-screen chat with your data.
BigQuery integration 🟢 Built-in in the BigQuery interface. 🔴 Not supported as a built-in feature. You will need to apply extra effort to manually copy and paste the data schemas of each BigQuery table. 🟢 In just a few clicks, you can share the context of your data schema to OWOX BI SQL Copilot for code generation.
Advanced coding tasks 🟡 Gemini AI struggles with some advanced coding tasks or refuses tasks due to censorship. Prone to errors. 🟡 GPT 3.5 is an effective coding assistant but occasionally, it becomes trapped in a loop when prompted for information outside its training scope. 🟢 Since GPT 4 has been trained on more recent data than 3.5, it has a wider understanding of newer programming languages, libraries, and frameworks. As a result, GPT 4 offers users more accurate, relevant, and diverse support for their coding endeavors.
Generating images 🔴 Gemini AI doesn’t visualize the data schema when it creates the query. It’s harder to correct it in the conversation. 🔴 GPT 3.5 can't directly create visualizations, but it can help guide you through the process of creating visualizations based on the schemas you provide. 🟢 OWOX BI SQL Copilot provides you with visualizations of relations between your tables.
Image analysis 🔴 Not supported 🟢 Supported. You can paste a screenshot into a conversation, which makes it easiest to share context or debug issues with SQL queries.
Language prompts options: 🟡 Only English language prompts are supported for Gemini in BigQuery. 🟢 ChatGPT enables you to chat with your data in your native language.
Save context from previous chats 🟡 Single chat session. 🟢 You can return to the context of your previous conversation and chat with your data from where you left off.
Speed answers 🟢 Fastest 🟡 Just a little bit slow


Let's generate an awesome SQL query with OWOX BI Copilot

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Ready to start chatting and query your data with AI-powered OWOX BI Copilot? Read our article about how to generate the SQL code automatically.

If you have any questions, please, contact us at bi@owox.com.

Thank you for choosing OWOX BI.


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