April 8, 2024 — Elevating Data Monitoring with Advanced Dashboard Templates

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We're excited to announce an update to the Data Monitoring feature, which now transitions from the OWOX BI interface to advanced, pre-built dashboard templates within Looker Studio. These refined templates offer a significant improvement over the now-deprecated Data Monitoring page, providing enhanced details and insights.


Back in 2019, we introduced Data Monitoring — a highly sought-after feature that consolidated data upload statuses by day into one convenient user view. At that moment, many users were managing extensive pipelines from Ads services to Google Universal Analytics (Classic). Last year in summer, the process of migrating from GUA to GA4 ended. This prompted us to develop a new solution for our customers who are utilizing pipelines to import cost data into Google BigQuery.

The evolution to new dashboards

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The OWOX BI dashboards utilize Looker Studio as a visualization tool and are refreshed daily, providing an exhaustive overview of your advertising expenditures. The ‘Blended AdSpend’ table serves as the data source, enabling the inclusion of your custom costs or data collected through native Data Transfer tools.

By leveraging raw data from your BigQuery datasets, these dashboards provide tables and charts that reveal:

– The chart of daily spending across different advertising platforms;

– Daily shifts in key metrics such as CTR and CPC;

– Detailed tables of Costs, Impressions, and Clicks, complete with overall totals for each metric;

– A breakdown of expenses by advertising platform, account, campaign, and currency;

– And much more...

Customizing the OWOX BI dashboard to align with your specific analytical requirements is straightforward, allowing for the effortless addition of custom tables or charts to meet your needs.

Accessing the new dashboards

In the OWOX BI interface, the Data Monitoring tab will be hidden across all OWOX BI projects, with direct links to this tab automatically redirecting users to the Workspace page. Personal OWOX managers will proactively reach out to customers, offering consultations on the new templates and assistance with their setup.


For those looking to gain an even more detailed analysis of how your session costs are allocated, we’re excited to introduce an additional 'Costs Attribution' template in Looker Studio.

Should you be contemplating becoming part of the OWOX BI community, or if you have any inquiries regarding Data Monitoring within OWOX BI, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at bi@owox.com. Our dedicated colleagues are on hand to offer in-depth insights into enhancing your experience with the Data Monitoring dashboards, utilizing both Google BigQuery and OWOX BI Pipelines.

Thank you for choosing OWOX BI.

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