March 6, 2024 — OWOX BI Pipeline and Transformation. Time trigger improvements

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In our recent update, we delved into the improved scheduling settings available in OWOX BI BigQuery Reports (Google Sheets extension). Today, we're excited to introduce similar enhancements to Time Triggers, a vital feature configurable within our Pipeline and Transformation products. These refined triggers provide precise control over when your Pipelines and Transformations execute, optimizing resource utilization. Let's delve into these new features and their benefits.

Enhanced interface for Days selection

While the Weekly and Monthly trigger settings continue to offer choices for Days, Hours, and Minutes, we've now revamped the multi-selection feature for the Days selector. For instance, with the Weekly trigger, you can effortlessly select specific days like Monday, Wednesday, and Friday:


Similarly, the Monthly trigger allows you to choose particular dates such as the 1st, 10th, and 15th of the month:


Added regional time zones

Beyond frequency, the timing of execution is crucial. To ensure timely data updates aligned with your working hours, we've expanded the list of available time zones by introducing regional options. Previously, only time offsets (e.g., UTC 0, UTC +1...) were selectable, resulting in Pipelines and Transformations running regardless of Daylight Saving Time (DST) changes. For example, the execution always occurred at 9 a.m. in summer but shifted to 10 a.m. in winter, necessitating manual adjustments to accommodate DST shifts.


With the introduction of regional time zone selection (e.g., GMT +00:00 Europe/Dublin), execution times dynamically adjust according to daylight saving time changes. This eliminates the need for additional trigger adjustments when transitioning between summer and winter time.

For any questions regarding Time Triggers, our Support team is readily available at to help you maximize the potential of these new features.

Enjoy seamless scheduling with OWOX BI!


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